Device main card

  1. Information about the device, which includes the device's LoRaWAN details.
  2. Device name (can be changed).
  3. A note or comment helps you describe the device's condition or features as much as possible.
  4. System properties — parameters that are set for the device, these properties are used by the system for notifications, timely maintenance, and can be displayed in reports.
  5. Device settings-used for calibration of water meters and setting alarm levels to certain values received from the device, as well as putting the device in service mode.
  6. Delete the device to the trash (the Trash is located in the companies -> Your company section).
  7. Add to dashboard — a page with a visual design for counters that displays your main or main counters.
  8. Settings - device settings, allowing you to create alarm events and to conduct correction of the data for pulse devices

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